About Us

Imagine 125 school buses filled with straws...  that's how many plastic straws are used each day in the United States alone. Worse yet, because they are small and light, a lot of plastic straws don't make it through the recycling sorter and end up in the ocean. What happens next? An estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastics in their stomachs. When they ingest plastic, marine life has a 50% mortality rate.

 While we want to be friendly to Mother Earth, people with certain disabilities need a straw to drink and businesses need to maintain the balance between cost, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. Inspired by the plight of marine life, US military veteran and entrepreneur Yi Liu started her business journey searching for the most cost-effective alternatives to plastic straws that are safe and fun without compromising on quality.

 Our straws:

  • Are FDA approved - safe to use
  • Are Biodegradable and compostable - in 60 days
  • Multipurpose - come in various sizes and colors
  • Can be custom printed - help your brand stand out
  • Are disability-friendly / wallet-friendly / marine life-friendly

 About the company:

  • Maryland based
  • Certified Women-owned, Minority-owned, and Veteran-owned
  • Advocate for earth-friendly products and kids' entrepreneurship