Wheat Straw Fiber, Bagasse (Sugarcane) 9" Round Plate, 500/Case

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  •  500 in each case, 9" Round Plate
  • Made from unbleached, chlorine free, pesticide free, dye free, natural discarded wheat stalk and bagasse (sugarcane fiber)
  • Microwave safe and is liquid/oil resistant. Can be used for both hot and cold foods
  • Tree-free, environmentally beneficial, compostable in any industrial composting facilities
  • Material is gluten free - made from the plant stalk not grains, which store the proteins and allergens

Details: 9" all occasion heavy-duty round plate, made from 100 percent sustainable and renewable natural wheat stalk fiber and bagasse (sugarcane fiber). They are compostable in either a industrial compost (1-6 months) or a home compost (up to 12 months). Built sturdy from environmentally beneficial natural, renewable plant fibers, they can be used in the microwave - as they are heat safe up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit - and are oil/liquid and cut resistant. Their natural tan, dye free, bleach free coloring is perfect for any occasion - picnic, barbecue, church luncheons, holiday parties and get togethers, bridal showers, weddings, carnivals, fairs or everyday use. Contains 500 in each case.

Package Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.0 x 10.0 inches